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How much of your time is it worth to
  • reduce tryouts,
  • reduce scrap, and
  • improve your forming performance?

In today’s manufacturing, its common for customers to request components formed from among the newer grades of steel, or from aluminum. Forming Advanced High Strength Steel and Aluminum presents new and different challenges from the days of mild steel, or even from High Strength Low Alloy steels. With these challenges comes opportunity.

Experience was once sufficient to accept a new component. Aluminum and today’s newer steels demand you understand their behaviors under the stress of forming.

A few hours a month learning about material fundamentals and forming technologies can support your profitability, prevent production disruptions, and provide satisfied customers. 4M is happy to support you on your journey.

What you should Know About Forming High-Strength Steel

As the automotive industry continues to look for innovative ways to make vehicles lighter, stronger, safer, and more fuel-efficient. To meet these demands, the steel industry continues to invest in advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. The industry's investment led to the introduction of a wide variety of new automotive steels. Both industries know that every ounce counts.

Introduction to Sheet Metal Forming

Forming metal products and components is among the most significant industries in human history. Sheet metal is commonly used for the structure and style of many consumer and industrial products. The sheet metal forming industry contributes more than $130 Billion to the North American economies. The history of metal and metal forming plays a key role in the history of civilization and man’s capabilities in agriculture, tool making, and weaponry.

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