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4M Partners teaches your employees to understand the material properties, forming technologies, and processes needed to satisfy your supply chain partners.

Forming components from sheet metal involves high energy and intense physical interaction. The opportunities for splitting, wrinkling, and dimensional problems are many. Learning about your materials, available forming technologies, and processes is the most effective way to reliably form high quality components.

4M teaches professionals about the fundamentals along with the latest advances in sheet metal forming. You can schedule training at our Metro Detroit facility or at your site.



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Our partner, Engineering Quality Solutions (EQS) , also provides sheet metal testing services to help clients with their forming challenges.

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Free courses to refresh or introduce primary skills in math, business, and communication.

MetalForming Fundamentals

Essential knowledge in the properties of sheet metals, available forming technologies, and manufacturing processes.


Current and emerging technologies used to design, test, and form sheet metal materials.


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