Tensile Testing for Sheet Metal Formability

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OnLine Course

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Danny Schaeffler, Ph.D


We test materials, both to anticipate behaviors during manufacturing and to compare properties among different types and grades. Getting reliable test results requires consistently applied procedures and properly calibrated equipment.

Tensile tests must be conducted using standardized equipment and procedures to ensure accurate and consistent results. To accomplish this, standards organizations publish sheet metal tensile test standards. These standards include:

  • ASTM E8/E8M: "Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials"
  • ISO 6892-1: "Metallic materials. Tensile testing. Method of test at ambient temperature"
  • JIS Z2241: Method of tensile test for metallic materials

Your understanding of how to apply these standards will help you obtain meaningful tensile property values that will accurately characterize your sample. Inclusion of these test results will lead to a better correlation between simulation and actual stamping performance.

What You Will Learn: 

This course helps the student understand tensile testing standards along with how to:

  • Prepare your sample,
  • Conduct a tensile test, and
  • Confirm accurate results.