What you should Know About Forming High-Strength Steel

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Danny Schaeffler, Ph.D

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As the automotive industry continues to look for innovative ways to make vehicles lighter, stronger, safer, and more fuel-efficient. To meet these demands, the steel industry continues to invest in advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. The industry's investment led to the introduction of a wide variety of new automotive steels. Both industries know that every ounce counts.

Despite the development of high-tech materials and processes, the modern car still contains more steel than anything else: about 60 percent by weight. The car is usually a patchwork of a dozen or more steels of different types and strengths, tailored through computer modeling to handle the stress both of driving and of impact.

Only in recent years have researchers and manufacturers found ways to make economical high-strength steels that are pliant enough to be stamped and formed and that can be welded or otherwise joined to other parts in the complex auto assembly process.

Sheet metal stamping (or forming) is a process in which a piece of sheet metal, referred to as a blank, is formed by stretching between a punch and a die. Certainly a science but perceived to be an art, successful stamping is achieved through a complex balance of the sheet metal, die process, tooling, and lubrication. Producing a finished part includes not just the stamping operation but subsequent operations like trimming and flanging.

Hot stamping of press hardening steel is becoming a common approach to achieve complex parts possessing ultra-high-strength combined with virtually no springback. 

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Learn about many different types of steel, along with their uses, advantages, and disadvantages. You will understand what you can change about your manufacturing process that will improve your results, making it faster and more economical as you produce scrap-free stampings.