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Testing and Measuring Sheet Metal Properties

Thinning Strain Analysis Procedures


Thinning Strain Analysis (TSA) and Circle Grid Strain Analysis (CGSA) are powerful tools to determine if your forming process and sheet metal choice are sufficiently robust to handle the inherent variations of metal properties. Properly done, TSA and CGSA can offer you valuable insight into the forming capabilities of your seleced sheet metal. Improper technique can lead you to make costly decisions.

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Introduction to Testing and Measuring Sheet Metal Properties: Why Test and Which Tests Should We Do?


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Tensile Testing for Sheet Metal Formability


We test materials, both to anticipate behaviors during manufacturing and to compare properties among different types and grades. Getting reliable test results requires consistently applied procedures and properly calibrated equipment.

Tensile tests must be conducted using standardized equipment and procedures to ensure accurate and consistent results. To accomplish this, standards organizations publish sheet metal tensile test standards. These standards include:

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